Third International Conference on Quantum Technologies

Technical requirements

Please note the technical requirements for your presentations:

For oral presentations, we will provide a Windows based computer with MS Power Point 2010 + MathType and Acrobat Reader installed. It will also be possible to connect your own computer to the projector via a VGA or HDMI interface. Please note that Mac computers and some modern Windows computers will need an adapter for this interface. Please bring your own adapter if you need one. We will also provide a presenter (remote controlled mouse and laser pointer). Please note that due to the lecture hall limitations only handheld microphones will be available. Please be sure to test your presentation with the projector before your session.

No other types of projector (e.g. overhead) will be available.

The poster size can be up to A0 portrait (vertical) orientation, printed on paper, plastic or other material which can be attached to the board with pins. Pins will be provided by the organizers. The posters may be attached during the lunch time on the day of your poster session. Posters 1-50 will be presented on Tuesday, July 14, posters 51+ will be presented on Thursday, July 16. The poster numbering can be found in the conference booklet, which will be posted online by July 1.

Please address all enquiries to conference[at]