Visa to Russia

Nationals of most countries outside former USSR require a visa in order to travel to the Russian Federation. Visa regulations and procedures vary from country to country. As a rule, one can apply for a visa by mail and expedited processing is available. More detailed information is available on the web site of the Russian consulate responsible for your territory.

All visa applicants require an official letter of invitation registered with either the Russian Ministry of the Interior or the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Russian Quantum Center is able to provide this document to all individuals delivering invited or contributed presentations at ICQT 2011. In order to request the invitation, please fill out the following form. Because the time left before the conference is limited, we ask you to upload an image file with a scan of the picture page of your passport.

If you would like to bring accompanying persons to the meeting, please fill out a separate form for each person, writing "N/A" in the Presentation title field. In the comments field, please indicate the relation to the speaker.

All enquiries should be addressed to

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